Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well, it has been a very busy week with school winding down. Yay! We only have 4 more days of school. This past week, we had Shaun's graduation from kindergarten. It was really cute. They held it in the high school auditorium. They broke it into 2 groups, so our graduation started at 6:00. All the kids sat on the stage with their classes. They started out singing a couple of songs together, then each class would come up and sing a song from the month of the year. Of course, Shaun's class happened to be December, so they sang "Fleitz Navidad". Then after their song, they were presented a diploma. I loved it when Shaun's name was called. They finished the evening with one more group song. Then it was pandimonium getting the kids off stage as more parents came on stage to drop off their kids for the next ceremony.
We took the kids out for dinner at a local mexican food restraunt that has amazing hamburgers, so there was something for everyone.
The next day, they had a tiger birthday party for all the kids in Shaun's class. I took the punch, so I was there. Of course the kids had a blast.
Cody has been doing amazing in class. His grades have been amazing and his teacher is so proud and so is his mom and dad. His class has had a lot of things going too. Friday they had a read in, so I took some cupcakes for his class to eat. Yesterday he had a birthday party he was invited to at the bowling alley, and then this Wednesday, his whole class is going for pizza lunch and bowling. By the time this week is done, he will be a pro. Oh yes, one of the days last week, they had a shaved ice trailer come to the school and all the third graders had shaved ice. Yummy.
Shaun's week will be very full too. Tomorrow they go on a field trip to check out the school where they will start first grade next year, and in the afternoon, he is getting several achievment awards. Then Wednesday is play day and picnic. One of the supermarkets around here donated all the food for it.
Mikayla is doing well, in the older grades, they don't get all the fun stuff. One of her teachers is providing all her students in Mikaylas class with Subway for lunch. She also participated in a Choir concert not to long ago.
Well thats it for now, keeping busy keeping up with the kids. Looking forward to summer.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Beautiful Scenery

This is some of the beautiful country we saw yesterday.

Shaun's Poetry Reading in School

This happened a week after we arrived in New Mexico, so a little out of order, but wanted to put this on. Shaun goes to an all kindergarten school. They teach many things there including Spanish, art, and music.
The children were supposed to write their own poem. So the teacher asked me to help Shaun since they had already done theirs and she really wanted him to be able to participate. I asked Shaun what he wanted his poem to be about. He said the ocean. So I asked him the title and he came up with, "I like the Ocean". He then started to tell me his poem. I wrote it down for him as he said it. Then he recopied it.
He did so good at the reading too. I was so proud of him getting up in front of all those parents.

More Mother's Day Pictures

Our day con't

Mother's Day and Mikayla's 13th birthday

Well, I decided it was time to start a blog. We have started a new life here in Artesia, New Mexico, and since so many... well ALL of our family and friends now live faraway, it is time.
What better time then now. Today was Mother's Day and Mikayla's 13th birthday, so we decided to combine the two into a fun family day. It worked out really well.
We decided to go see the "mountains" we had heard about from some of the people at Bill's work. Looking at where we live I had serious doubts that there were mountains 90 mins. from our house. So we started driving. Guess what? We found them. Our first stop was a road side stand that ended up having a petting zoo that included a camel, and fishing pond, and for future reference, they do horseback rides, much to Mikayla's happiness. Bill even bought some blue cheese stuffed jalapenos. Haven't tried them yet. The kids had so much fun there.
Our next stop was the mountain town of Cloudcroft. What a great place. Looked just like a western mountain town, with wooden sidewalks and all. We ate lunch at a place recommended to us. We were told they had "awesome " fried mushrooms. They were right. And the rest of their food wasn't bad either. We walked around the town some, then took Shaun to the park, because he wanted to play on the train.
After that we drove on down into Alamagordo. It was such a beautiful drive. The scenery was amazing. So enjoyable. After checking out the town of Alamagordo, we headed home enjoying the drive and the time with the family. It was a wonderful day to start blogging about. When I figure out how, I'll post some pictures.