Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well, we had to give Mikayla a haircut. Won't go into details but it was the only thing to do.
She does look really cute though. We had lots of tears
after the haircut was done. She's good now.

Dig the pigtails.
How many ponytails can we make?

Sept. and Oct. 2011

Well here I am back again... finally. Yes it has been awhile, but I have been busy but not with picture type things. Just life. Well lets see. School has been going well. All the kids are doing well and Cody seems to be slowly making advances. He still has a long way to go, but we are so proud of him. He has been a lot less frustrated and more willing to learn. Shaun has been getting awards in reading and one for perfect attendance for the first 9 weeks of school.
Both boys wanted to play football this year, so Bill ended up coaching Shaun's team. They were the Greyhounds. Cody's team was called the Ducks. They both did so well. Cody did really well. He really enjoyed playing.
Mikayla loves to play sports but is not on a team, but loves to get out and play with her brothers. She still enjoys singing and loves being in choir. She is in the process of auditioning for a solo. Not sure she will get it since the teacher is partial of giving the solos to the 9th graders no matter what their talent is. But that is ok. The practice of aditioning is good for her.
It sounds like I'm going to get the job I applied for to work in a church nursery. The guy called me yesterday and said they want me, but they still have to call a coulple of my references. Unless someone of those I wrote down don't like me any more, it should be no problem. I'm supposed to go in Wednesday.
Mikayla's foot surgery went well. But we didn't get a good report from the pathologist. Instead of the things they took out being cysts, they were rhumatoid nodules. We've done blood work and are waiting for the results and praying for good news.
Not much else to talk about now. Enjoying living here. The weather has cooled down, so we are enjoying the beatiful weather.