Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day and Mikayla's 13th birthday

Well, I decided it was time to start a blog. We have started a new life here in Artesia, New Mexico, and since so many... well ALL of our family and friends now live faraway, it is time.
What better time then now. Today was Mother's Day and Mikayla's 13th birthday, so we decided to combine the two into a fun family day. It worked out really well.
We decided to go see the "mountains" we had heard about from some of the people at Bill's work. Looking at where we live I had serious doubts that there were mountains 90 mins. from our house. So we started driving. Guess what? We found them. Our first stop was a road side stand that ended up having a petting zoo that included a camel, and fishing pond, and for future reference, they do horseback rides, much to Mikayla's happiness. Bill even bought some blue cheese stuffed jalapenos. Haven't tried them yet. The kids had so much fun there.
Our next stop was the mountain town of Cloudcroft. What a great place. Looked just like a western mountain town, with wooden sidewalks and all. We ate lunch at a place recommended to us. We were told they had "awesome " fried mushrooms. They were right. And the rest of their food wasn't bad either. We walked around the town some, then took Shaun to the park, because he wanted to play on the train.
After that we drove on down into Alamagordo. It was such a beautiful drive. The scenery was amazing. So enjoyable. After checking out the town of Alamagordo, we headed home enjoying the drive and the time with the family. It was a wonderful day to start blogging about. When I figure out how, I'll post some pictures.

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