Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shaun's Thanksgiving Day Play

Shaun and two friends
Shaun and three friends
Shaun and four friends. The group kept growing.
This is Shaun and Jonah. I read with him almost every day, and he is a really sweet kid, and turning in to a really good reader.

Shaun was the second first grader to reach his AR goal in the whole school for this nine weeks. If you can't tell, he was very proud.
The turkey from the alphabet play they did.

We have had quite a few busy days this past month. One I'm going to share right now is the Thanksgiving Day play Shaun's class did for all the families right before Thanksgiving vacation. It was so cute. Shaun was a little pilgrim, and a right good one. They did an alphabet Thanksgiving and sang 3 songs, then all the kids served us family members pumpkin roll and lemonade. Enjoy the pics and hopefully I'll figure out how to post videos.

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