Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ok, so this is the second time doing this entry. The first one I did, I hit a wrong button and deleted everything. So bummed. Anyway , this is the first snow we have had since we moved here. The kids were so excited to have snow at their own house. Cody just had to go out and stand in it and feel it land on him. It was awesome.
My beautiful photographer. She also loved the snow and took lots of photos for me.
A nice amount of snow and there was still more to come.

Yes, it was very cold. All ready to go to school. They had a two hour delay, so the roads would be better.

Playing in the snow before they had to head to school.

One of the monuments in our town looking amazing.

This was the view from my living room that I would sit and enjoy. Never in my life has it snowed where I lived. I've been to the snow a lot. Been in a rented cabin in the snow, but so much more special when you are looking out your own window.
Loved all the icicles that hung from our eaves.
Alas, it was really nice when the sun came out again. Yes it melted the snow. But we so enjoyed it while it was here and turned our world white for a few days. As I sit here writing three plus weeks llater, it is snowing again. Can't wait to wake up in the morning and see how much we get. The kids can't wait to wake up and play in it. Better get the hot chocolate and marshmallows ready for the thawing out time.

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