Friday, January 6, 2012

Hi, we've had snow twice this year, so I wanted to post a few of my many pictures that I have taken. I posted this before and messed up and erased all my work. Boo to me. Anyway, I'm trying again. This is the kids playground at school. Needless to say, they were not allowed outside to play. I doubt the teachers would have enjoyed wet kids.
This is a park near our house that just looked so beautiful coated in a blanket of snow. Snow makes everything so magicial. That is until your cleaning up wet winter wear from your kids and your entry way is wet.
Just home from school and ready to play. Homework first. The kids loved the snow so much. I really didn't mind the mess.
I was happy to see the sun again after we had enjoyed the snow.
The view from our front porch.
Winter fun. It was soooo cold this night and we were getting ready to take a boat ride on the Pecos River to see the christmas lights. Awesome is all I can say, and we did have fun. Cold noses and all.
It was still snowing pretty hard, but that didn't phase Cody. He was ready to play.
We loved the icicles that grew from the eaves of our house. We would watch them get longer and longer till we had to break then off for safety reasons.
Our backyard was a winter wonderland.
A discarded toy of summer beneath a coat of white snow. For some reason, I just really love this picture.
Another picture of our street as the snow continued to fall and get thicker.
Pretty trees.

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